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4 Spiritual Truths to Fight Anxiety

No one goes through life without worry. For some of us, anxiety feels like a stray dog, always following us around, or like steam bursting out of a boiling kettle. The feelings are strong, quick to surface and not easily contained.

The Anxiety and Depression Association of America (ADAA) reports that anxiety disorders affect 18 percent of the adult population, and some say that Millennials are the most anxious generation of all. With endless decisions and a wide open future, it is no wonder that young adults are feeling the pressure.

Not all anxiety is the same. Some anxiety is a God-given aid to help us cope with difficult circumstances. For example, a stress response may help us do well on a test or run away from a wild animal. But other kinds of anxiety are destructive and suffocating. They suck the joy out of life and negatively impact our work and relationships.

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