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Hi. I’m Christel.

Three years ago when my home flooded and I was diagnosed with lupus, I was tempted to let trials steal my joy. But God has shown me that trials cannot touch my spiritual inheritance and that His grace is better than even the greatest earthly joys.

I love to record foretastes of heaven in everyday life, from the beauty of creation to the mystery of human love. However, my favourite topic of conversation is God’s grace poured out through his Son, Jesus Christ, by whose wounds we are healed. I love to share how these spiritual realities intersect with my everyday life.

I have a a B.A. in music with a minor in dance, and have always enjoyed the arts. Against all odds, I fell in love with a cowboy who also happens to be my pastor. Together we have three sons and call Calvary Grace Church in Calgary, Canada, our home.

I also write for and